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Experiences for Corporates

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Gift your employees experiences and not things

Sailing is a pleasant, calming and unique experience. Let us help you create an unforgettable gift for your employees. Their time at sea watching the sunset will be a moment they will be grateful to you forever.

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Giftig achor
Team Buildin anchor

Team Building at Sea

We've built an adventurous team building experience we call

The Bombay Sail Dash

where we get your organization to work together to learn and race a sailboat

Sounds exciting? Here's a snapshot

  1. Your employees get a crash course in sailing & learn a new sport

  2. Members are teamed up to compete against other teams within the organization on separate boats

  3. Everything happens in a span of max 3 hours

Dive in

The Sail Dash is an outbound activity program designed for multi-employee organizations to create an enjoyable yet competitive environment for its members to learn, apply and achieve as a team.

The group not only has a fun afternoon but they also learn the regal art of Sailing. The activity ropes in people from various facets that make up the organization and places them a bit closer.

After a brief crash course in sailing, participants compete in a race with other team members on similar wind powered sail boats.


Running an organization is often compared to the act of running a ship, what better way to practice the metaphor.

Key Takeaways

  1. Members of your organization get to learn a new sport together

  2. People working across various departments get to interact with each other in person in a non-work fun outdoor environment.

  3. People get a chance to see their colleagues beyond their job titles.

  4. At the end of the day, everyone goes back home content with their time at sea.

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