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sailing in a mumbai yacht

Mumbai Yacht


Making sailing accessible to all since 2015

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Do something different in the metropolis

At Captain Jack India, we invite you to join us on an iconic leisure sailing experience within the city of Mumbai.

Man proposing to his lover in a sailing yacht

Perfect for Couples

Right since the start, we have catered to couples that would like to celebrate a special day 

Great for Groups

Our sails are great for groups of friends and families to catch up and do a fun experience together

A group of mumbaikars enjoying sailing experience in mumbai

Reviews by our Guests

We work towards ensuring we provide quality experiences. Our reviews across the web will confirm the same.

Women sailing in an yacht in mumbai


We decided to let the dads babysit while me and maa had a mini great escape sailing in the blue waters, talking about dreams, ambition and plan ahead…!

women sailing in an yacht in mumbai


I had gone for the 4-6 pm slot and wow, the evening sea breeze and the sunset was amazing. The weather was perfectly pleasant. Our host was wonderful & made sure all of us made it on board and safe.

women sailing in an yacht in mumbai


Went on my first sailing trip with Captain Jack and it was such a unique and fun experience! everything was well organized, and the trip itself was so calming and blissful. 

Gift a Sail

Gift your friends and family an iconic experience at sea

forgiener mesmerized by the view of mumbai skyline from a sailing yacht in mumbai

General Sail FAQ's & T&C

  • Is sailing in Mumbai safe?
    Safety is key and all our sails are conducted in a safe environment only. If the weather is too harsh or the situation is not ideal, we cancel our sails for that day and let our guests know in advance.
    All our boats are equipped with safety jackets.


  • Do I need to know how to swim?
    Guests do not need to know about swimming to experience this activity.


  • Who can go sailing ? Is there an age restriction?
    This activity is open to children above 3 years of age and adults younger than 70 years of age.

    For elderly guests, it is recommended to join only if the individual is physically capable of climbing from the jetty onto the boat. If there is a child or senior citizen joining, please do let us know prior to your sail so that we can add an extra layer of care & comfort to your sail. If there is any clarity required with regards to the same, feel free to get in touch with us on call at +917977031733


  • ​​​What should I carry & not carry?
    Since the area is high security, we advise all our guests to carry any government-approved ID.

    You are allowed to carry snacks, cold drinks, tea, coffee.
    However, alcohol is not allowed on board. Bags are normally checked by the Police at the jetty. Photography equipment like a DSLR and camera accessories is not permitted by the police due to the area being a high-security area.


  • What should I wear for the sail?
    Dress comfortably to soak in the complete sailing experience. Most people like to dress up on sails with us. But our personal recommendation is Shorts, T-shirts, Flip flops & a Cap.


  • Where do I park & should I worry about Traffic?
    Ideally, you should find parking space on the road behind the Taj.
    On weekends, the road from Regal to the Gateway is shut, and finding parking space can get quite painful, so plan to arrive early so that you do not miss your transfer.


  • What is a Transfer Boat?
    A transfer is a pick up from land (the jetty) via a small motorboat (dingy) to the yacht. Transfers to the yacht and back usually take 15 mins each way.


  • What I must understand about sailing & wind?
    Sailing is a wind-based activity and our sailboats are dependent entirely on wind conditions. We generally conduct sails only based on predictions of sail-worthy winds. However, sometimes predictions are not always accurate and wind speed tends to fluctuate throughout the day. There are very rare moments that we have faced low wind scenarios. However, in the rare case that you may experience low wind, do note that we are not responsible. No refunds may be claimed for such incidents.

    If you would like to check the possible wind activity on the day of sail, you may visit


  • Cancellation & Refund Policy
    Once you make your booking with us, we reserve the boat for you at the agreed time slot. The boat is offered to no other customers for that period.

    If cancellation is unavoidable the following is our policy.
    If canceled 7 days prior to the sail, 50% of the amount paid will be refunded. If canceled within 7 working days of the sail, no payment will be refunded.
    Change/cancellation in timing or weather may happen due to Government clearance or bad weather. Captain Jack India or Jack & Hill Adventures Travel LLP will not be liable for the same. To cancel your booking, kindly drop us an email.


  • Medical Conditions 
    If any of the guests have a medical condition or physical disability of any sort, it must be brought to the attention of Captain Jack before booking the sail.

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